Ein Mittwoch.
Two days hinter uns,..the `big Towne´,..vor uns. Massen schauen weg. Laufen schnell,..vorbei. The `Special´..schauen. Junkys. Beggars. Künstlers.
Eva Hermann. Abi Wallenstein. Udo Linden… They take der Zeit.
Wir passen.

MOPO Hamburg v. 9.September 1998 – S.16

“Traveling Musicians and still in love”

Always on the road is this Street Musician couple, Monika and Dennis Mayne, from Eldena in Mecklenburg. In earlier times the Pianist (38) had been a helicopter mechanic. But 14 years ago he discovered his love to music and Monika (41). Since then they‘re tingeling across countries entertaining the peoples that come their way. Next week they‘ll be in the city again.

1 Kaffee für 2

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