“…the faces,
they fade together.
The applause
is gone sö fast….
The glories of every
empty Pitch,
are the stories,
in the world we cast.”

That somewhat describes
Besides the
‘pocket change’:
the Tales 
the trails tell us,
..show us,
…share with us(!).
That’s our wealth.

Schwerin, a towne that can laugh,
..at itself.
…with it’s self.
The Public Toilets: ‘Thronsaal’  

“The Saule of Truth (Foto Right)
As ‘Henry the Lion’
the Pagans,
in Schwerin;
making them
civilized Catholics,
..in 1152,
he told them:
“Praying to God,
should NOT be
dance and drink(!)!
Fall to your knee,
..bow your heads,

The Schweriners,
fell to their knees,
..and dropped their pants,
as well(!).
,showing the King,
…their shame !
.  .  .  .  .  . 

The weather was a bit cold.
I found myself really
having to practise;
in the Waggon,
at nights,
with the fine stuff.
…in order to be hot
for the next day.

After two days
of meandering about towne.
“the meaning of Life”.
“How ‘good’ are we?”.
“How many donuts can one man eat?”.
We tightened our boots and played.

we rolled the Show out.

I can smile about it all(!).
After a three month pause,
..despite what seemed like three years of practise(!).
Thursday,…we were rough.
Our Audiences were rougher(!).
We were getting polished !

A ‘high point’ came in the second Show.
A large congregation,..
30? 40?
Friends, a whole bus!
..including Driver,..(!!).
…maybe 86 peoples!..!

One song,
..no responce.

Dancing up and down the stairs(!),
…I think two yawned.
Monika’s world famous 
“Cane & Hat Routine”,
Simon and Garfunkel 
all over again!
“The Sound of Silence”.

When Monika and I are ‘sneaky’,
we talk quietly,
…in English.
(“two beers!” & “the toilet please”
is the extent of most Germans’ actual english.)

Monika whispered down,
“Either they’re dumber
then a box of rocks,
..or they don’t understand a thing.”

“Probably both!”,
I replied,..
“a BIG box!”

“Well, I understood THAT!”,
echoed back from the street(!).

“…ohh. gee,
..where you folks from?”,
squeezing out a smile,.
..while talking,
AND  biting my tongue,
at the same time.

came a collective responce.

(I had the feeling,
they’d been asked that before,
…in their own home towne!)

smiled Monika calmly,
“Dennis has a brother in Akron!”

The lady
with the closed umbrella,
poked it in the air;
as though trying to pop a pregnant water balloon over us.
The group;
gathered, turned,
…and followed,
as though the toilet had been flushed.

“Gee”, snirked Monika,
“It seems as though
they all knew your brother!”

yeah, the Shows,..
arrrre getting better,
The timing’s coming back.
It’s painful sometimes(!).

We made the front page(!),
dispite all.
Tomorrow, one last round,
then off to Wismar.

Schwerin had been good to us.
Not many Shows roll
through their Streets.
The citizens were loving.

“Wieviel Theater kann,
will man leisten?”

(“How much Theater can,
are  we willing to pay for?”

Ha ha!
This under an article
about Street Art!

…new Shows.
new Townes.
new Pitches.
new Audiences.
new Un-expected’s.

We rolled up to Wismar,
…should have skipped it.
Nö folkies.
But a funny joke,
on the Streets,..!

Wismar is a big
habour towne.
..lots of ships,
…and lots of what they bring(!).

This sign,
was outside a government office:

Hafenärztlicher Dienst Schwangerschaftskonflicktberatungsstelle

Harbour Medical-Service Conflict-Pregnancy Counceling

I cracked up all day
…playing for the few.
. . . . . . .

Up to Rostock.
The Harbour.
As we drove onto the harbour,
Circus Roncalli drove onto the harbour…

Circus Roncalli,
Germany´s best.

One of the world’s…
fine traditional circuses.
Pushing modern,
‘the new’,..
not forgetting its roots.
Wooden wagons.
Tailored costumes.
Brass,..and Gold.
Sawdust, Champagne,
Long-legs and Muscles.
Some of the best Artists
in the world,..
from all over the world.

a problem.
Their first tour of
`East Germany’.
First time in Rostock.
A new Show,..
the Artists weren’t
“mixing” yet,..
the Show was stiff,..
everybody was tense.
Nö Flöw.

As we crossed paths
on Monday,
we planned to play
`the Streets´
Roncalli was premiering
We were calm,..
they were toe-tapping,
..on ice.

we turned  Rostock
over on it’s side,.!
Simply: ‘Our day´!
Three Shows,
..one as good as the last.
…can’t explain it.

Bernhard Paul,
Roncalli’s owner,
saw the second…
and asked if we would play his ‘first'(!).
The Premiere.
The  Entrée  tent.
He needed something
to break the tension.
‘Gifts of the Streets’.

We waited to start,
an hour
before the gates opened.

The Audiences started waiting(!),
a half hour
the gates opened…!

When the door opened,
we played non-stopped,
..40 minutes,
…Music, Magic, and Song.

It was so rocking,
..other Artists joined in(!).
10 minutes before the ‘Show´ started,
…we pulled the plug
and herded the masses in.

,…one of the hottest Shows
I’ve ever witnessed.

Full house (2,000+!),
..everybody found their groove.
,..like a good Street Show.

End of the night,…
We slept ALL Friday(!).
Pinched ourselves
in the morning,…
and asked each other
if it wasn’t just a dream.

..we pushed out,
and played the Streets
. . . . . . . . . . .


Rain today,
..I have to time to labber,
..Mo’s washing clothes,
..we’re packing it up,
..heading West.

enjoy what the Streets
give us.,.
let the Bankers worry about pennys,..
Snatch the Life(!),
..it’s there, for us all.

Smiles and warm

p.s.: Rostock gave us
one more little laugh,
as we drove from towne..

1 Kaffee für 2

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