Wyk, on der Insel Föhr. Beautiful. Meine Mutti travelt hier mit us.

Zwo weeks zusammen. Ein small Waggon. A große Insel. Ein schöne Zeit.

Our 1st Dänisch newspaper article(!).

Three pages!

Wyk. With Tapdance and piano-music the duo Bestimmt Verstimmt amazes the audience of Wyk. The Mayne family is at home on the streets. Tour with child and Mother-in-law(!). The rig on the Wavespa-parking-place reminds one of a nostalgic Circuswaggon. In the large trailor, pulled by an ancient Fire-truck, resides the family. They travel through Germany and arrived in Föhr to take part at the Jazz festival.

What the duo Bestimmt Verstimmt presented within the past days, wasn’t only worth hearing, but also worth seeing. These two streetmusicians didn’t move through the city with an accordeon, violin or guitar, but with a real stand-up piano. While Dennis tickled the keys, Monika sang classcis of the 20-ies and 30-ies. High above the instrument she layed down some tap-dancing iron, that made the piano shake…and the audience roar!

“That this woman isn’t scared to fall”, wondered a lady out of the audience. But Monika IS`respectful´, she admits freely. The life as a travelling musician and artist was not layed in her cradle. She grew up in Ulm and learned the respectable profession of a forwarding agent. 13 years ago, she met Dennis, a Canadian who hung his profession as a helicopter-mechanic on a nail, for an artistic career. Since then they have been traveling through Germany together.

Before he switched to music, Dennis had been a juggler. He taught his wife tthe art, as well. But she had the crave to dance and sing. It wasn’t that easy to let this plan become reality. “When I stood on the piano for the first time, I couldn’t imagine at all, that I would be able to do this!”, she remembers. Very slowly, but continuously, they´ve worked on the show that excites their audiences today. This leads to the fact, that they’re booked, off the streets, to events,…like now: the Jazz Festival on Föhr.

It has taken some years´time until the duo was able to perform this tap-dance number. Monika has had to take some “baby-breaks”. Meanwhile three children: Rebecca (11), Melissa (8) and Moritz (6) belong to the family. They tour together with their parents….and a dog, seven months of the year. During this time they don’t visit schools(!). They received a special permission from the Ministry of Culture, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; to use a home-schooling program.

The homebase of Bestimmt Verstimmt is in a small village in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, they bought an old barn, after the re-unification. Here, they practice for their performances, repair their waggons, and rest for their journeys.

While touring, the family lives in a very beautiful, cosy, wooden, Zirkus-Waggon. Together they restored it themselves. “One has money or time. WE had time.” The waggon is pulled by a 41 year old fire-truck. With this rig, their goal is to perform for at least once, in every German pedestrian-zone.

“We feel at home on the streets”, both agree. For certain, they will be seen again on the streets of Föhr! All five report with shining smiles on their faces, they liked the island “… very, very much.”

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