Words [w∂:dz]

Gefangene Gedanken,…aber ein Freisetzung.

Caught Thought,…yet a release.


                                                                                  *  if you only read one…

Dreams that are only dreamed, — not tryed,
are merely kisses,…blown in the wind.

Dreams that are grasped,
..flung fearlessly,
…with all one´s might(!),
,if but for two meters,..
they fly.

Kiss the moon,…the mother of all dreamers,—
and laugh with pleasure.
For even when shattered,…
lay scattered,..
like diamonds in the dew.

Niemand kann
mehr geben als das, was er in sich gefunden hat.

The Essentials of
a good Life:
`Fresh air´.

Do it scared.
(Chr. Niles)
I have no time,
for people,
with no time.
(5 Okt.`17
As an Artist, I must not answer to anyone else, other than myself.
…and that can take a lot of explaining!
Intent with sorrow,
he thought he could borrow,
…a little more time,
to live`till tomorrow.

So he held his breath,
to save what was left,
…which unfortunately caused
his un-timely death.
(May, `81 Amsterdam)

Prisoners count the years.
Pregnant count the months.
Bullys count the weak.
A-love court the days.

Hours become ours.
Seconds become firsts.
A-love courts the days.
(Aug.`17 – Jan.`18)


Tales, tails,— wag me not!
Am I coming,…or am I going?
`On-the-way´ is not`In-the-way´.
Peace comes only from knowing.

Tails, tales,— wag me not!
Am I listening or are you talking?
For what I say,— did what I say.
Peace comes only from`walking´.

Tales, tails,— wag me not!
This last verse sings the song.
Tunes tone true, when sung`out-of-tune´.
Peace comes,
…from piecing together the`wrong´.
(22 May `18 Wismar)